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Discussion in 'Aliens & UFOs' started by Iggy, Apr 15, 2005.

  1. Iggy

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    I wasn't sure where to put this and I hope the pictures survives the trip here. I appologise ahead of time if this doesn't come out right.

    I was messing around with the magnifier on my computer and noticed this. I blew up the portion with the oddity. Looks like it is hovering above the ground with a noticeable shadow below it.

    I don't know if anyone else on the web has noticed this or have published this yet, but here it is. Decide for yourselves what this is. I see it, and I still am not sure what I am seeing. Maybe someone here could shed some light on this?

    I did nothing to the picture but make it bigger. No filters or anything.

    It came from this site:

    (took huge pics out. Sorry)

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  2. tablet

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    Keep in mind that this is a JPEG file and JPEG known to have artifact. (Those jagged pixels) therefore we can’t really judge this by looking at a jpeg file, one that has already compressed (taking out most detail) to have smaller file size. We need the original BMP (I highly doubt that you will get the same pixel circled in yellow on the original BMP)

    Secondly this is a black and white image. Why is it important to note this? Because there are colour that looked the same, but have different value (grayscale). Yellow is brighter than Orange in HUE, but when convert to value (grayscale) both of those value are the same (almost) and there isn’t any contrast between the two. That white pixel that you believe to be UFO could be YELLOW and the darker one RED or ORANGE. So what’s the red and orange has to do with a flying ship? What if it’s just rock, noise, or better yet… Jpeg Artifact?

    And third, we will find what we look for, our mind will formulate and create illusion.

  3. Iggy

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    Thanks and good explaination. Just wondered why these things pop up from time to time...

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    Not really what we are equipped to deal with here, but lets let tabby debunk this pic with science. Cause to me its just a bit of dust or a pixelation issue. UFO's are never in focus, lol. Also is it possible to resize these images? They are a little large.
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    Took big pics out. Sorry for posting them.

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  6. Bleys

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    No apologies necessary. I find little wierd things like that all the time when I'm on the JPL site and wonder what they are. It's great that we have members so adept at identifying these anomalies. And that's what this board is all about - truth, light and knowledge.

    Kudos to you for asking,