Aliens & UFOs Dragonball Powers?

Discussion in 'Aliens & UFOs' started by black hawk, Dec 2, 2004.

  1. black hawk

    black hawk Premium Member

    I think that there is a species that can use energy and throw it, use it, fly with it , just like the cartoon dragonballz. either in this galaxy or another. What do you guys think?
  2. Zsandmann

    Zsandmann Premium Member

    Well as much as my fancy would like to envision aliens with super powers, I need proof there are aliens. I do believe that there are because its an infinite universe, there have to be infinite civilizations out there like us. Do they visit here? I dunno. Do they have powers? I dunno.
  3. black hawk

    black hawk Premium Member

    well, this topic didn't really last, but i am sure that there is some super powerfull eveloutionized species out there like that. i am sure of it
  4. pineappleupsidedown

    pineappleupsidedown Premium Member

    And if there are aliens, how do we know they are not just normal, without any super powers.

    I think one day we will find aliens, and be sorely dissapointed.

  5. JcMinJapan

    JcMinJapan Premium Member

    Well, Z is right... an infinate universe means infinate life. Well, if there is infinate life, then there must be infinate advancements of the life. If there are infinate advances of life, then there must be infinate powers... and so on and so on..... ;) Wow, infinate is sure big! :yes:

    That must mean that we are infinately small in size as well if we are in the universe..... hmmmm I guess this should move to philosphy is we get into that part. :grin:

    We are definately not the only grain of sand on the beach.
  6. amantine

    amantine Premium Member

    Although there may be infinite civilizations out there, there are not infinite civilizations that can actually influence us. Only things within our lightcone can influence us and our lightcone is not infinitely large.
  7. Zsandmann

    Zsandmann Premium Member

    Can you explain the term 'lightcone'? I have never heard of it.
  8. black hawk

    black hawk Premium Member

    i think he is talking about galaxy or somthing, but it is still infinite, have you ever thought about what is stronger and faster, and lasts longer tha light? we can see light. is there somthing else that we cant?
  9. TruthBringer

    TruthBringer Premium Member

    i always got the feeling that one day we will be watchin the news and as the ufos land and the hatches open we will see sumfin like a mutated earth animal like a sheep, how shocked would u be watchin 10 foot hamsters come out of a spaceship and start talkin :af:

    Yours, (a slightly paranoid about hamsters) Truth
  10. JcMinJapan

    JcMinJapan Premium Member

    Well, truthfully, I doubt that we will find a species like HUMAN, but it is always possible. Why do I say this.... well, the Earth spins at a specific speed with little variance, the earth is a certain size, the sun is a certain size and spins at a given speed as well. Well, all of these factors make up our Gravity. Any variance could lead to a people that are stronger, weaker, tall, shorter, etc. Now, their internal organs and appearances over centuries will also change dramatically over time. Now, also, the Earth is a certain distance from the sun and the sun is at a more or less specific temperature, so of course over many centuries or even millions of years, this will influence how everything on the planet evolves as well. Now, all of this is also affected by the chemical composition of the air and the minerals and items in the food that we eat.

    So, I very much doubt we will find another species that is exactly like us, unless we can find a planet exactly like ours. Even a 1% difference in anything can cause big effects over many millions of years.

    This leads me to believe that if we do find life, it will definitely be nothing that we see now and could be something that is not even conceivable.
  11. lord_lizarus

    lord_lizarus Premium Member

    If there was life out there I would imagine it would be like us in many ways because we evolve the same and the universe has the same laws. If they weren't the same they probably couldn't survive on our planet so we would never find them anyway (unless we went looking)
  12. pdoke2003

    pdoke2003 Premium Member

    if anyone is still wondering i assume this is what amantine ment by "light cone"

    wikipedia: light cone
  13. klain

    klain New Member

    i think we only need to look at the super powers of our own planet

    electric eels
    bats (sonar)
    frogs that can freeze themselves for the winter

    And im sure theres many more, but thats just on our planet think of the variation on countless others
  14. Derek

    Derek ■֎؜♫■ Staff Member

    Now what would happen say if we colonized somewhere else like mars? Those colonials have a few babies, which have more babies, so on and on, those people find another planet that can be colonized, have babies, which have babies...... see what I am getting at? I think this could be a possibility of what has happened. Let the new colonies advance by themselves with a little influence from "outside" sources to knudge them in the right direction until they get to a point to find more planets to colonize. Now what would we call these "Beings"? None other than Aliens of course, they are not from this planet.

    Now as far as having those type of powers, could be possible for the "Beginning race" to have achieved this by now if this has been going on for hundreds of thousands of years. But only time will tell, we are definetly getting closer as fast as the advances in technology are being achieved. :)