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Discussion in 'Aliens & UFOs' started by JcMinJapan, Jan 17, 2005.

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    I read this article and I have to agree with the scientist quoted below. It does seem that anything UFO or alien related is completely thrown out prior to any serious investigation. I would like to see NASA send a probe to this possible "habitable" zone within the Milky Way.

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  2. Bleys

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    Great article! Do we ever lose that feeling from when we were kids - of our wish to see an alien or a UFO? I remember staring at the skies for hours hoping to catch a glimpse of something unexplained - hoping that if aliens landed they would come to my house.

    Now I would just be content if we funded SETI like it should be.


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    There was a great line in the movie "Contact" that touched on the posibility of other life out there . Something to the effect of : If God made the universe and then only put life on earth , it seems like an awfull waste of space .

    Personaly , I believe that the univers is WAY to big for another solar system to NOT have developed some kind of life , even if it doesn't resemble life forms here on earth . Life can survive the freezing brutality of space :

    "I always thought the most significant thing that we ever found on the whole #@!&% Moon was that little bacteria who came back and lived and nobody ever said *poo* about it." — Pete Conrad

    I wonder if there is another humanoid race out there that has developed thier own ideas of god ? Would our bibles jive ? Interplanetary Jihad ?
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    Really, really big words.
    in other words, i agree with oortpower.
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    if aliens came to my house i would act really weird one minute then really normal the next or even treat them like they are normal people e.g "hey dude want some :spam:" i was kiddin i jus wanted to use that

    Yours, Truth
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    The best feedback that I can provide, is elementary. I'm not going to provide crazy recants, or feeding lines.
    "Aliens," are what we expect to see, from an outside perspective.
    When we look in between, we might find a better explaination.
    O.K., the best I can give to this post, is ....the refernce of the development in Communication.
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    i think that when we first here of definite aliens we will be bitterly disappointed as they would probably be just tiny microbes

    Yours, Truth
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    i for one would be delighted with microbes, big black eyes and a friendly go in the spaceship would be better obviously but microbes would definatly be cause for celebration, espesially if they were in the solar system.

    i never saw that articele, i wonder why a region of space would be deemed more habitable, anyone any ideas before i gotta go reasearching.
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    Hi JcMin, a good suggestion but unfortunately we would all be dead by the time the NASA probe arrived at the habitable zone. Perhaps evidence of extraterrestrial life is closer to home. Did you see this interesting article on the red rains of Kerala. Probably nothing, but perhaps the first evidence of Panspermia:


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    from the above posted link