Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Independence Day July 4th 2019 - The end of America

July 4th 2019

Everything is in place and the festivities are almost ready.

But guess again, it may not be what you envision.

The election will not happen. It doesn't matter.

In Washington, the tanks are positioned in the streets. The Air Force flyover is planned. The police are armed and ready.

The fireworks will be the greatest ever witnessed.

Meanwhile, Lil' fat Kim is greeting the POTUS on his own soil with open arms. He is now friends with the leader in the west. They have nuclear weapons and have been playing with rockets to deliver them.

Putin, loves his new friend too. Even behind his wry grin, Putin knows he has a friend in the west. The have quite a few nuclear weapons.

The Saudis too now have a friend in the west. Murder is no biggie now with the new Ally. They also now have secret American nuclear technology without Congressional approval.

Iran is the whipping boy to be used for global disruption. They don't have a friend in the west. And it will be in full view shortly. The USA doesn't want them to refine weapons grade uranium.

The mysterious submarine incident you no longer hear about? There was an incident with this sub, of which is designed to purposely attach to the belly of a military nuclear deployment submarine. Pence knows where this is going.

I hope our boys in our submarine are ok. News isn't being released on this, so...

Regardless, citizens of the free republic, you are on notice that the POTUS has set the stage for a full-out military coup. With the help of some seriously interested dictators and rulers.

The free world is watching for the citizens to rise up and not let this become history. Be informed, prepared, and not fooled.